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“America” vs “Hard Choices

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“America Imagine a World Without Her” #1 on Amazon overall sales.
Hillary’s book #104. Ahead of “Hard Choices” at #100 “The Elements of Style” (Strunk and White) originally first published in 1918 which I am currently rereading and recommended for all millennials. And also ahead “Oh the Places You’ll Go) by Seuss from 1990 at #93.
A typical negative review of the Dinesh D’Souza book: “Same old nonsense for old white people (yes, I know the fella is brown but we all know his audience mostly is not) desperate to feel good about themselves and angry at everyone that doesn’t look, talk, feel, speak, or think like them.”
That’s me. Old and white with my guns and religion – I guess. Is that all there is?