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WIRED’s CES Smartphone Thunderdome: The Final Results – Blackberry Z30 Blows Competition Out of Water

Tim not only won many of the bonus challenges, he took home the extra Overall Win”. 257 points. iPhoneS next at 147. Windows and Android tailed off.



The Blackberry User and BB 10


The passion and emotion that surround one’s choice of smart phones has amazed me. How is it that so many of us (and I am included here) have such strong positions regarding which device is the best, coolest, or only thing in the world. Where has all the hate towards RIM come from. Is there more to this process than just media capabilities and app selection.

Crackberry ran an interview with Frank Boulben who has been the CMO at RIM for just around six months now. “When asked what’s needed to “overhaul the BlackBerry brand”, Frank notes that it all starts with the customer. “We need to be absolutely clear about which customers we intend to serve, and why we are going to serve them better than the competition. The BlackBerry people are about getting things done, being hyper-connected and being multitaskers. They want to do on their smartphone what you do at your desk.”

This is worth repeating. Frank says that their research shows that Blackberry users have tended to be efficient and highly productive people who want a tool not a toy, they use multiple social and email and other communication accounts, and they do several things at once.

The entire BB 10 platform, starting with the only true multi tasking OS on the planet outside for a smart phone (QNX), is built to cater to this user.

So what is it about this platform and for that matter the current Blackberry platform that endears itself to me. Well, it’s simple. I’m not interested in many of the time wasting features of the IOS and Android World. I love what I can do quickly and efficiently with the current QWERTY keyboard while watching others struggle with the Apple and Android virtual keyboards.

It runs much deeper. As i get older, I find it harder to keep up the pace of the “Blackberry profile user.” I was that guy. I want to be that guy. I’m worried not that BB 10 will not succeed. It will change the world for a subset of smart phone users who truly want a productive device. I fear it will have more horsepower and utility than my (at present) streamlined and simplified life needs. And that I might become one for whom punching a few boxes on a screen can get me through the day. And that scares me. Like it or not, my use of technology parallels what I am doing and accomplishing that is of value. They run hand in glove. Punching boxes and watching NetFlix not a way finish.

BlackBerry 10 is Going to Have the Best Web Browser of Any Mobile Platform

BlackBerry 10 is Going to Have the Best Web Browser of Any Mobile Platform. RIM stock has almost doubled in the last 2 weeks and according to this article in TECH Vibes one analyst sees it quadrupling again in the next year. BB10 comes out in 3 months.

“The company’s forthcoming browser slaughters standard HTML5 tests, making the iPhone’s Safari browser look like an antique. And now BB10’s browser has cleared Ring 1 on the Ringmark test, becoming only the second mobile browser to ever achieve the ranking.”

RIM may have made it through this incredible journey and may emerge end of January with the most revolutionary mobile OS ever. Anyone who loves a comeback story, and who loves a company who builds devices the world over for doers and not viewers has got to be excited.

Iphone 5 or the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 2012


Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5?
(or The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory of 2012). Click through the picture for the Gizmodo article)

Apple Gross Profit will run from $44B to $67B over the next year. That’s Billions. Yet the iPhone is made under the most brutal and inhumane conditions one could imagine for a high tech product that is not borderline profitable. In other words, the use of Chinese labor adds to the already obscene profit of the most wealthy company on earth. Not so Apple can survive. Not so they can dominate. So that they can ….. well I don’t know anymore. For a status device that has hypnotized and produced an entire generation of mesmerized and somnolent addicts.

“When you spend hundreds on your Apple handset, you slide that credit card with knowledge of where and how it came to be. You know about the suicides, the strikes, the fights, the cramped dorms, the on-site therapy, and the explosions. When you trade your money for a phone that comes from one of these places, you’re guaranteeing that more phones will be built just like that. You’re saying, at the very least, That’s bad, but not as bad as me not having this phone.”

I am an ardent free market capitalist who is disgusted with this free market result.