Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle


You’ve got to hand it to American writer Philip K. Dick. Writing in 1962 and with a 1962 setting, he created an alternative ending to World War 2 in which Germany and Japan have won the war and occupy the United States. Also hand it to Amazon for bringing the book to film in mid 2015.

Neither could have had any idea at the time who would be the President elect in 2017. So – it should be funny to listen to and read the hysteria surrounding the launch of Season 2 a couple days ago. And that’s how I’m going to view it.

This is eminently enjoyable cinema. That’s all. Great sets, an interesting plot and drama, excitement, and interesting characters. Right now I’m enjoying Fauda, Downton Abby, “Castle” (which I’ve been waiting for since last seasons’ end) and can’t wait to dig into “The OA” which just arrived on Netflix.

With all due respect to Newsweek, The NYT, and too many other sources to mention, there isn’t a boggy man hiding under evrey rock, and I think we’re going to be ok or better.




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