Dreams of My Playground

Back End of Yorba Linda Elementary School Playground circa 1955
Dreams. I wish someone could explain them. Last night vividly I was at a group event with Richard Nixon as the focal point. Everyone was jumping in to ask questions and so forth. I kept pushing my way in (without luck) so I could tell him (and I prepared the correct salutation: Mr. President) – “I grew up playing baseball where the home plate was 30 feet from your old front lawn” – right there in Yorba Linda. Which I did and which it was. His birthplace home front lawn ran up to our elementary school lawn at Yorba Linda Elementary School later Richard M. Nixon Elementary School. Later demolished for his library. In a double dose of the bizarre, in 1988 I had another of the “vivid – in color – so real it’s real unreal” – dreams that I was running and jumping w/ my friends on the lawn at the school. I woke up that morning to the OC Register cover story that Richard M. Nixon Elementary School would be torn down for the library. Chilling. Our minds run deep and I wish I utilized more of the hidden treasures that are in mine.