Iphone 5 or the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 2012


Is It Immoral to Own an iPhone 5?
(or The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory of 2012). Click through the picture for the Gizmodo article)

Apple Gross Profit will run from $44B to $67B over the next year. That’s Billions. Yet the iPhone is made under the most brutal and inhumane conditions one could imagine for a high tech product that is not borderline profitable. In other words, the use of Chinese labor adds to the already obscene profit of the most wealthy company on earth. Not so Apple can survive. Not so they can dominate. So that they can ….. well I don’t know anymore. For a status device that has hypnotized and produced an entire generation of mesmerized and somnolent addicts.

“When you spend hundreds on your Apple handset, you slide that credit card with knowledge of where and how it came to be. You know about the suicides, the strikes, the fights, the cramped dorms, the on-site therapy, and the explosions. When you trade your money for a phone that comes from one of these places, you’re guaranteeing that more phones will be built just like that. You’re saying, at the very least, That’s bad, but not as bad as me not having this phone.”

I am an ardent free market capitalist who is disgusted with this free market result.


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